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Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather in our area, Church Night for Wednesday 4/10 is cancelled. The Adoration chapel will be closed until after the 10:00am Mass on 4/11. The 7am and 10am Masses will still be offered, but please be careful driving. Stay safe!


Young Professional Fellowship

Young Professional Fellowship

A vibrant and inclusive community for young adults in their 20s and 30s to grow in faith and community together.

Schedule and Location

St. Dominic Catholic Church welcomes all young adults in their 20s and 30s to the Young Professional Fellowship (YPF) community. YPF provides a supportive and engaging environment for young adults to grow in their faith together.

YPF is a community that is open to all young adults, regardless of where they are on their faith journey. We collaborate with St. John the Evangelist parish to provide opportunities for young adults to deepen their relationship with God and each other, through a variety of events and activities.

Through our community, young adults can find a sense of belonging and support, as well as the tools they need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of young adulthood. We believe that together, we can grow in our faith and become the best versions of ourselves that God has called us to be. Join us at St. Dominic Catholic Church for the Young Professional Fellowship and experience the joy of growing in faith with like-minded peers. All are welcome!


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1st Tuesday of each month - Dinner & Discussion. This is a talk given by one of our area priests or a parishioner followed by Q&A/discussion and dinner as a group at a local restaurant. Time & location vary.

3rd Tuesday of each month - Bible Study | Time: 7:00pm | Location TBD

Every Sunday - lunch following the 10:00am Mass at St. Dominic. Location announced the day before on GroupMe.



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