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's Story

Chastity is a gift to another person

July 2019

Living out chastity in my daily life isn’t just a discipline, something to be attained, but brings me joy in finding my fulfillment in other things besides just my sexuality—me being worth more than that.

The idea of living out chastity also comes with the idea of self-mastery and stepping back to look at yourself objectively. Not depending solely on my emotions, but reigning those in, to see what’s really happening at the present time.

I wasn’t finding joy in the ways the world tells you to do whatever you want. You can’t really love another person without being chaste.

Me being unchaste is a selfish act, whereas chastity is a gift to another person.

Christ was chaste; no selfishness to his actions. Living a chaste life has ultimately brought me to a place of self-mastery. To a place of relationship with people that is more meaningful, more truthful, and emulates Christ.

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